Our Services

Customers expect the promise of a personalized an individualized marketing. In BMIND We lay the foundations in order to activate personalized experiences on scale with a focus on value.

We work under our own data activation framework to implement these capabilities, which represents a key competitive advantage against new competitors and a source of sustainable growth.

How do we help our clients?

As a firm focused on end to end services in the data life cycle, our data enablement framework allows us to inject and build all the capabilities our partners need to manage and optimize every step of their customer journey under one integrated strategy and governance.

We define innovative programs and tailored solutions according to the needs of our clients, amplifying their capabilities and evolving the maturity of their data and technology

Data & Tech Services

The foundation on which everything is built.

Our framework starts by sowing the technological and operational foundations, the layer where it is built and executed the Data, Analytics and Activation Strategy of any organization.

Data & Tech Services

We generate an understanding of the current situation of our clients and build the pillars for sustainable growth from these fundamental axes: Architecture and Data & Tech Strategy.

This understanding allows us to identify the main problems and opportunities with the aim of defining a clear and grounded roadmap in a constant short term that makes any transformation process tangible.

As a result, our Data & Tech Foundations services relies on:

  • Data Architecture
  • Data Strategy
  • Zero Party Data mining
  • Data Fitness / Quality
  • Martech Implementation
  • Cloud Architecture


Tailored Intelligence solutions and programs that transform data into actionable business insights.

Addressing marketing analytics needs is key to deliver real-time targeted advertising and marketing content based on customer behavior, customer feedback or competitors moves by analyzing both staged and real-time data.


BMIND uncovers the business challenges that brands often face when it comes to specific marketing analytic business needs and connects the dots to jump from data to actionable insights.

As we foster a strong alignment between sales and marketing, leverage intent data to identify and prioritize high propensity users/clients and orchestrate relevant activities and messaging and drive performance with standardized metrics which focus on breadth and depth of client engagement over long deal cycles.

Nuestros Servicios:

  • Advance Analytics
  • Web / App Analyitcs
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Audience Intelligence
  • Location Analyics
  • Attribution Modelling
  • Data Visualization


We create memorable experiences and personalized conversations that elevate your digital performance.

We seek the impact on the income statement of our clients as the vertical axis of our service. We develop powerful end-to-end experiences to increase the performance of our clients' digital channels, users and products through the activation of data in both paid and owned media, maximizing the use of Marketing Automation.


Thanks to the end-to-end understanding of the data cycle and the strategic and tactical level of each of the pieces we manage, we can build more relevant conversations with customers. Our solutions allow the companies to communicate in a more personalized way and choose the next best way to target them, according to their own behaviour.

Our offering in the activation area includes consulting and implementation services on:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Post Lead Optimization
  • Dynamic Content Optimization
  • Paid media Strategy & Operation
  • Programmatic Services
  • CRO /CXO
  • On Site Personalization

Digital Fitness

Strategy and Activation of Change

We help companies to adopt new organizational models and erase the main barriers with an agile management to enable data-driven decisions with speed, scale and certainty.

Digital Fitness

Through the adoption of new organizational models and the elimination of exit barriers, we enable agile management to allow decision-making with speed, certainty and scale.

Digital fitness stimulates the skills of organizations and adapts the processes to internalize all the new capabilities necessary to face the new reality in their day-to-day activities.

The offer of services is completed with:

  • Value Realization Office
  • Digital Organization
  • Digital Product / Service Design
  • Process Mining & Optimization
  • Agile Marketing
  • Loyalty & Engagement Programs

Alliances & Partners

We are preferred partners of the most relevant players in the Data and MadTech ecosystem, ensuring the state of the art and guaranteeing that our knowledge is always ahead of the market.


We have exclusive assets for the constant creation of technical and human capacities

Data & Tech Products

Our Innovation and R&D department is constantly defining and investing tools and solutions that amplify our customer capabilities.

Our Exclusive Accelerators


The first “Madtech” Sandbox in the market. The purpose of the lab is to “dispel smoke around Madtech” and allow our customers to try out full combinable madtech stacks before they have to buy them or integrate them to validate the right approach (+ 100 use cases tested without taking risks).


Data Process Automation. It helps us generate automated workflows in complex data environments, reducing a great amount of time in data and technology tasks on a daily basis. It is the Tag Manager of big data.


Bmind Maturity Index. We provide our own digital maturity index to accelerate fitness diagnosis on transformative roadmaps. 


Internal and external training program and exclusive talent attraction of BMIND. More than 300 teaching hours in three areas: Data, Analytics and Marketing Automation.


Banco Santander

Value Automation

We multiplied x5 the recovery rate of one of the main banks in the State through Omnichannel Orchestration and Data Automation.

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Banco Santander

El Corte Inglés

Amplifying Activation

Thanks to the implementation of a propensity and prediction conversion customer model We multiply ROAS

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El Corte Inglés

Barceló hotels

A Five Stars Performance

We multiplied the efficiency of Barceló's advertising investment up to 5 times through a holistic data activation and orchestration strategy.

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Barceló hotels

Unidad Editorial

Consolidation of a Data Driven Publisher

Our work with Unidad Editorial allows us to implement a strategy to enhance the content and experiences of the reader, as well as the enrichment of user profiles.

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Unidad Editorial