Who We are

With a solid track accelerating the digital transformation of large companies, We work together with our clients as a single team with the ambition of achieving extraordinary results, outperforming the competition and redefining industries.

Our partnerhip with Jakala amplifies our international footprint and capabilities, forming one of the largest independent MarTech networks in Europe. We round out our expertise with a vibrant ecosystem of digital innovators to deliver better, faster, and lasting results.



Bminders. We are a fast-growing family of experts in strategy, data & technology architecture and activation with common values: business orientation and excellence in delivery.




Daily Conversions. Our services are proactively involved in more than 12M annual cross channel sales.



Clients. Our team collaborates with more than 400 Clients from all industries around the world.




on average ROI. We focus on generating demonstrable impact. On average, our clients multiplied their investment x6 this year.

Our History

We are Bminders


The Beginning


We open the BMIND doors creating a new category within digital marketing and the world of data and technology, making the ideas become a reality and let the real challenge to start.


Ready to Grow


It is our year of growth as we increase the range of clients, sectors and teams. We already managed to prove our value, so now the challenge is to scale services and size without losing quality.


Creating scale


We become a benchmark at the sector level and one of the most outstanding sources of knowledge and talent in the industry. Furthermore, we take strategic decisions such as changing the company headquarters or seeking talent to grow through acquisitions.




We acquire Practical Marketing and integrate the team, know-how and solutions into BMIND's present, which consolidates our offering and reinforces the structures to make the big leap.


Te moment of Truth


It is undoubtedly a year of resilience, adaptation and flexibility within the local and global context, which means an opportunity for us to help the clients and the industry to be even more prepared for what is to come.




And now we have an international presence and expanded capabilities thanks to our partnership with Jakala, forming the largest independent martech network in Europe.







We are

“When we set up BMIND we created the company in which we would have always liked to work.”

Gonzalo Galván (CEO)

We know that we’re better together. Our work is built on co-innovation and our culture is built on collaboration. We are a family of experts in strategy, data & technology architecture and activation with common values: business orientation and excellence in delivery.

Are you in?

BMIND is a family full of talent and with a big heart, a team in which everyone can enrich both professionally and personally. The three main pillars of our relationships with the team members are:

  • Meritocracy
    We believe in the effort and reward of a job well done.
  • Effervescence
    You will work with the best team and the best technology, nonconformity characterizes us.
  • Belonging
    “Because for us our team is at the heart of everything we do.”


We offer a work environment that will not leave you indifferent, where all team members have their own autonomy to achieve their goals and assignments. Some of the benefits that help us increase our emotional salary are:

  • Flexible work schedules and environment
  • Young and dynamic team
  • Hybrid office assistance model (3 days of teleworking per week) + three weeks of full remote work per year to choose between Easter, July, August and Christmas!
  • Offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Gijón.
  • Continuous training related to your position
  • English trainings
  • Additional benefits
Our People
Collaboration Culture

We hear over and over again that working at BMIND is different. Why? We have a unique collaborative culture, full of passionate people, who respectfully care about the joint success and well-being of all bminders.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We help our community see the world through different glasses. We collaborate closely with each other valuing diversity and uniting talent. This differentiates us, defines who we are and determines our goals.

Social Impact

The team that makes up BMIND share a clear social vocation and we try to help society in various areas such as the child population and their education, employment and the digitization of the economy as a basis for the social and labor inclusion of the most disadvantaged.


Bmind Academy

Intellectual agitation is a natural state of every Bminder as we are naturally curious people who create and promote an intellectual turmoil in our working environment. Aligned with that spirit we organize internal training regarding the use of new tools, implementation strategies, success stories, etc creating collaborative learning.

So that, Bmind is a great place to be surrounded by co-workers who inspire us and challenge us every day, having a constant pursuit of becoming best in class at everything we do.

Vision and Values

Pursuit of excellence


We were born with the conviction that things can constantly be done better. We believe that automation and a “we’ve always done it this way” attitude not only costs businesses a fortune each year, but also it underestimates human intelligence.

End-to-end capabilities to strategically deliver the right solution for each business
A diverse team, but with common denominators.

Human power is our most powerful asset and respect is our key to preserve talent. Our team is made up of people with very diversed personalities and skills who also have several features in common: honesty in anything they do, to live life to the fullest, and to be eager to become better at everything they do.

Focus on Results.

All our professional relationships are based on trust as we do not conceive of any other way of achieving successful outcomes if it is not with a mutual reliance towards our team members, clients and partners.

Analytical mindset

Everything we do is empirically tested, as we have a team with very diversed professional backgrounds and skills but with the common feature of analytical thinking. Reason why we can focus our work on proven results.

Transparent relationships.

We work with team members, clients and partners with honesty, flexibility and common goals. We all need to know the whys and wherefores of the project within transparency, so everyone knows how to contribute with their effort and talent to the final business results.